Remember back then; back when things were ‘ideal’? The perfect drink, a nice moment you still hold as a memory, or an ideal setting. Bombay Sapphire is here to take you back through the eyes and work of 3 photographers. Inspired by the idyllic ads of the 80s, the era of Disco, the Dark Wave and Studio 54, our artists capture moments in time that you will want to hold onto forever. With our Bombay Sapphire gin as the protagonist, we go back in time and stand still for an Idyllic moment.

The piece was inspired by the Dark Wave movement in the 80s, with a romantic but dark aesthetic as an undertone, to create moments with friends, lovers, and family. Those unforgettable summer nights; dancing, enjoying the Bombay Sapphire gin and having fun under the moon and a sky full of stars. 

About the Artist

Georgios is a photographer that is currently based in Cyprus and the UK. His work is mostly influenced by surrealism and is inspired by art, history, and fashion. Always trying to keep up with the new era, Georgios is working on creating something new and contemporary, conceptual and innovative. He believes that using light and colors, helps an artist convey emotions and feelings in a unique way, while everything in a frame has an important meaning, to complete a composition.  


The captured moment takes us back to when life was simpler, and it was a tradition to gather in the backyard, spend time by the pool, have a BBQ and enjoy a Bombay Sapphire gin. A chic and ‘trashy’ feeling, seen through a funkier aesthetic, with vibrant colors, oversized accessories and a much over-the-top fashion.

About the Artist

Igor is a Cyprus- based photographer and a Creative Director at Sacred Creative studio, co- founded with his wife. He was born in Ukraine and although he studied law, the photographic lens ultimately won him over. Igor mostly shoots still life and body parts. He loves doing things the way he wants them done, swearing a little too much and not filtering thoughts at all. Igor strongly believes that an image speaks for itself, and no extra information is needed.  


The idea emerged from the fascinating times back in the iconic Studio 54, in Midtown Manhattan, which later became a cultural phenomenon and a historic venue celebrating art, love, music and individuality. The idea recreates the idyllic woman, originating from those times, enjoying herself and Bombay Sapphire Gin. The concept takes us to a time where disco balls, voluminous hair, glitters and metallics reminded us what living positively and creatively could look like.  

About the Artist

Maria is an Art Director, based in Cyprus who has recently switched her focus, figuratively, to photography. Her primary areas of interest are fashion and fine art. Maria takes inspiration from the subjects of femininity, sexuality and feminism. Her work aims to highlight both the strength and the fragility within womankind. Her subjects play a key role in conveying the story of the image. She enjoys creating imaginary worlds inspired by the past, future and beyond.